Puppy growth


Hagar is doing beautifully! He has learned not to antagonize the big dogs more than they will tolerate, and most (okay, half) of the time he will come when called. That may be because he views me as his personal treat dispenser.

At 11-12 weeks, he is just over 25 pounds and today he has moved from his puppy crate to the mid-sized (for my house, at least) crate that would be about the right size for an adult border collie. He still looks so small comapred with my other dogs, though I know that won’t last long.

He is getting better about remembering that when I leave a room I *will* come back, he just isn’t crazy about me being out of his sight unless he’s outside chewing on sticks. Then he’s oblivious to anything else going on around him.

It’s going to be hard to leave him here when I head off to the Specialty, but I know my vet’s office staff will dote on him — they’ve already told me that everyone there who hasn’t met him yet is anxious to get to play with him, and the people who have met him are jockeying for more face time with him.

He is reminding me a lot of the challenges when Sophia was a puppy, but the lessons she taught me are serving him well. I know she is whispering in my ear now and then to remind me about some of the things that did – and didn’t – work with her.

I am grateful to the Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, Inc for trusting me with him. He captured my heart in a matter of moments, and he is now busy weaving himself into my soul.


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