What a difference a week makes!


While I was gone last week, the dogs boarded at the vet’s office. The staff dotes on them and I know they are well taken care of.

I especially felt bad about leaving the puppy, Hagar, behind, but the day before I brought them in I was told the kennel staff was jockeying for puppy time.

So I go to pick up them all up this morning and I see my puppy and WOW!

He grew legs!

I love watching the progression of puppy growth, but this really blew me away. I left behind a short puppy, I came home to a leggy one. Legs that looked like tree trunks look like, well, legs!

Of course he’s still a little terror (in the best possible meaning), but he’s learning. His Auntie Duffy only had to correct him three times this evening instead of five!

I really missed these guys.


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