Watching him grow


Watching a puppy grow is like watching one of those old cartoons – first he stretches one way, then the other, getting skinnier as though he is taffy being pulled.

Hagar is at that age when one day his rear end is higher, the next day his front legs catch up, the next day he is a couple of inches longer but narrower.

Although he still has moments of insanity, he is such a sweet boy, and goofy as he could be.

There is such joy in watching dogs BE dogs – not people in fur, not children, not anything else but dogs. They live in the moment, they trust implicity (unless given good reason not to) and they expect us to be wonderful – almost as wonderful as they are!

Hagar grew into balance again yesterday so I look forward to seeing what he will look like by this evening.

It is wonderful to have a Berner in my life again.


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