Simple gifts


I never knew what I had done to deserve you

I only knew that you brought joy and peace and love

Your needs so simple

Your gifts so great

How I wish I could keep you by my side all my life

But I can’t

You are a visitor, cherished, loved

When it is time for you to go

I cannot hold you back

I can fight the ravages of disease or age

But when your eyes, your heart say “enough”

I have one gift I can give you

Wrapped in my tears

Decorated with pieces of my heart

I will never forget you

All the gifts you have given me

The only one I can give you now

I will grieve today

Tomorrow I will tell the stories

And I will find the shadow of a smile

Which will grow each day

Your lessons, your gifts, will grow

I will never be whole

I will survive

And I will remember the laughter

The companionship

The accomplishments

Even the pain

But mostly the love

You were a treasure beyond price

Thank you for the years you gave me

They will live in my heart forever


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