A woman is found guilty of animal cruelty for the third time, is given a suspended sentence, and is allowed to keep her horses.


And she was fined $500. She had given the dog away.

Sure, anger management classes and training on the appropriate treatment of domestic animals sound good – if someone can be educated to treat other living things more kindly, that’s great! For some reason I can’t help but be skeptical in this case.

This woman has crossed the line from ‘discipline’ to abuse three times. Having essentially gotten away with it with animals, since no one has drawn the line there, will she next take out her anger on people who can’t defend themselves?

Preying upon the weak and defenseless is the cowardly act of the bully.  And the so-called justice system has given this woman carte blanche to bully again. Justice for the animals has not been served, and society is poorer for it.

So terribly sad for all.


One thought on “Unbelievable

  1. Ellie

    You can see the nastiness on that woman’s face. She does not deserve the company of living creatures. It is a crime that she is allowed to keep “her” horses.

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