“right” to play for pay?


I doubt this will come to many as any kind of shock. but it really ticks me off that ANY NFL team would be willing to pay Michael Vick to serve as an entertainer for them. Make no mistake, Pro football *is* entertainment.

And now the Phillie Eagles have signed Vick to a five-year deal, paying him to entertain the fans at a salary rate probably five times higher than most of those fans earn at honest labor.

Things must have gotten seriously out of whack in this country. Rather than take the profit motive out of health insurance, the companies seem to be inciting behavior just this side of brawls when politicians try to answer questions and explain what is (and is not) in the bill.

Rather than focus on the ethical treatment of animals. PETA and HSUS try to figure out how to capitalize on the suffering of animals. And AKC wrings its hands alternating between fighting against humane legislation and fighting for the inclusion of mill dogs in the registry. It;s getting hard to see the forest for all the dollar signs in everyone’s eyes.

But back to Vick. Some would say he has paid the price and has the right to earn a living. Sure he does. Would have been even better if he had learned a trade while in prison. Neither I nor anyone I’ve heard from has any interest in watching him earn well above the national median while he ‘entertains’ with athletic skills. He lost the right to stand up in front of us earning that kind of money the first time he was complicit in putting dogs into a fighting ring. He forever rendered that *right* null and void when he tortured, electricuted, shot, and drowned dogs.

Yes, he has the right to earn a living. He does *not* have the right to earn that living in the NFL any more than a lawyer has the right to be a Supreme Court Justice or a senior partner in a firm. It is a privilege and a responsibility that must be earned and nurtured. It is not something that is constitutionally protected.

However, my right, as well as the Eagles owners right and even Michael Vick’s right to free speech and expressing our opinions IS protected.

And it is my opinion that people need to let the NFL, the television/cable/satellite networks, and the advertisers both national and local know that we will not support those who financially support the decision to sign Vick as an entertainer. If a company wants our business but is stupid enough to sponsor/advertise on a Philadelphia Eagles game or in the stadium or program, they have just done themselves the same kind of damage Michael Vick and his buddies did to those dogs.

I have the right not to buy what they’re selling, and if they sponsor Eagles games, part of what they are selling is the image of Michael Vick.

I ain’t buying.


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