Quiet, of a sort


Things have been relatively quiet lately, something approaching ‘normal,’ although I become increasingly convinced that ‘normal’ is a myth, another opiate for the masses.

Unfortunately, as I struggle to maintain some control over my own life, I see an increasing number of raids and seizures of puppy mills and dog fighting rings. I don’t know why there seems to be an uptick of enforcement in the fall, but that is the impression I have.

I know the economy is tough and it becomes harder and harder for people to manage large numbers of animals in any humane fashion. But that is not an excuse for owners to not act when the health of the animals and/or the owners is at risk. Ignoring a problem is not going to make it go away – unless you consider death by starvation a solution.

Pride has its place, but not when there are lives in the balance. If you cannot provide for those you love, people and animals, please, ask for help. There are still those who would willingly provide a hand if they know it is needed. All they would ask is that someday, when you are able, you offer aid to another. No strings, no debt.

Choose joy.


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