I hate politics


Partisan politics may well be the death of our nation. The bickering and posturing and unwillingness to do what is right for the NATION rather than for some ill-defined special-interest constituency leaves us with few grown-ups in the room.

If the primary interest of both parties is to make each other look bad, instead of working on the budget and protecting the most vulnerable among us (instead of the wealthy and the aircraft manufacturers), then we need to cut off THEIR salaries and expense accounts.

What does it cost to maintain a Congress Critter for a day? What is the cost of their office space, their salaries, their benefits (and why do they get health care coverage that is out of the reach of most Americans?) What is the cost of their staffs? Their travel? Their security details? Their hangers-on? I’d rather pay the military wages and Social Security benefits than keep Congress’s lights on when there’s nobody home (no matter how many of the so-called legislators may be in the chamber).

Just once, I would like to see Congress act in the best interest of our nation and its future. Not the Speaker’s future, not with the election in mind, but just for once do what’s right.

I won’t hold my breath.


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