What an odd concept winning is. It suggests triumph, glory, vanquishment. And losing. Usually not the same entity that won, but that happens occasionally, too.

Why don’t we focus on improving all, instead of the tiny bits and pieces we clutch so tightly to our breasts? Why does someone have to suffer for me to have some small gain of whatever kind? Why do some people work so hard to make others look small so that they can feel big?

I know, there have been times that I have badly wanted to squash someone else’s argument like it (or they) were a bug. But even when I have won arguments like that, it doesn’t make me a better person. Far from it.

I love those people who can make sure that everyone wins – I’m not talking about “everyone gets a certificate, now aren’t we all just so special” winning, I’m talking about everyone having ownership in a success, in progress, in a gain. Even those who threw up roadblock to that success – their arguments may have made the foundation stronger, the path more focused, the final product better tested and true.

Yet some only can feel good if those around them feel bad. I don’t understand it. I would think that would be a tense, anxious way of living, always having to make sure no one is digging too far out of their hole.

Life can be hard sometimes, and work can be competitive. So what? Aren’t we here to achieve a common goal? Let’s get on with it,¬† and enjoy together everyone’s contribution toward making that goal a reality.

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